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Prices vary based on dimensions, skin type and quantity.

If you have a tight budget give us a call, we might have an alternative solution tailored to your needs.

Because Sing Honeycomb technology is adaptable, we might be able to substitute honeycomb post and beams to achieve the same results.

We make the rice, you make the fried rice! Just choose your dimensions, thickness, and skin. The R&D and design finishing are up to you. You will also find links to designers, architects, and suppliers of: hardware, skin, finishes, windows, and panel fasteners on our links tab.


The Nature Conservancy

“Peter and Linda along with the rest of the Sing Home team were lifesavers! They were wonderful to work with and did all that they could to meet tight deadlines without losing the flawless quality in their work. I look forward to collaborating with them again.
All the best,”

See display here

Robert Drake

“I am a returning customer of yours from last year.  I ordered 12 closet doors from your company and my client was 1000% satisfied.  I know 1000% does not make mathematical sense, but he is really proud of his closet doors.”

Robert Drake


Robert Drake Construction:

Yes, your doors were exactly what my client was looking for and no one else in the county had them.  Please feel free to give my name, cell phone number, email address and any other information you want to your potential customer.  They are welcome to call anytime.



Robert Drake

Robert Drake Construction


Thanks for the follow-up, I’m very pleased with the panels an how they have worked out with my project. As you can see, I framed them with poplar molding, glued in place with waterproof glue, and painted them to seal against the weather.
I brag on these panels all the time and everyone is always impressed.
Thanks again,”

Yes, the panel worked great.  As mentioned when I ordered it, I used it as a drawing board.
Standard drawing boards for artists–at least the lightweight variety–are not very large.
I needed something that was very light and perfectly flat that would hold large pieces of paper and would also accept pushpins.” Amy

“ I ordered 12 closet doors from your company and my client was 1000% satisfied.  I know 1000% does not make mathematical sense, but he is really proud of his closet doors.” Robert D.

“I love your product!” Kevin B.

“Your product is the bomb diggity!” Smithy D.

“We had purchased two of your panels to use as sliding doors for one of our steam rooms. To date they are working great.” Kenny B.

Chad Thompson

Trellis Interiors

Sing Homes,
Of course, please feel free to give them my name and cell phone.
Thank you,


Cloud House

You bet! We love your doors!!



Direct quotes from recent customer:

What did you think of the panels when they arrived?
They looked just as I expected. High quality workmanship and to my
exact specifications.

What was it like working with them to get the design you wanted?
Very easy to work with. The panels were totally flat and square.

What did you think of the panel’s weight in comparison to their size?
Weight came in as expected which is very light compared to a solid wood

Do you think that our garage door panels are equal in strength to
standard garage panels?
I think these panels are stronger than standard garage doors.
Definitely stiffer.

If you were to do another project similar to this would you buy our
garage door core panels again?

Would you tell other people where you got your door cores from?

Please tell us in your own words about your experience with our panels.
I have nothing to complain about with regards to the entire
experience. Customer service while ordering the doors was top notch.
Price was great. Shipping/delivery was easy. Fabrication of my doors
was straightforward.

-Kevin B., California

Thanks for getting in touch.

Yes, the panel worked great.  As mentioned when I ordered it, I used it as a drawing board.

Standard drawing boards for artists–at least the lightweight variety–are not very large.
I needed something that was very light and perfectly flat that would hold large pieces of paper and would also accept pushpins.

If you are interested, i think you could market this product to artists.
I don’t think there is anything on the market in terms of oversize drawing boards.

Thanks again.



A Testimonial from Dave Kellog – Dave Kellog is the first Sing Home customer to build in Wyoming. He’s beginning with a 24′ x 36′ multiple use cabin, and will later add a large Sing Timber residence. Dave writes:

“The project is going extremely well… the building is 24′ x 36′, and after the foundation and floors were poured, I got to wall height (10’3″) in just seven days… All work has been completed by me alone…so this has been a one person operation. I have had a lot of interested folks stop by, all very curious about the Sing Timbers. I think when I get the house and garage built, I may spec one just to see how well it sells! It has been a lot of fun so far, just like building with big Legos, and boy is this thing solid! I really like the Sing system, it is wonderful for ‘do it yourselfers’, especially if it is only yourself doing it!”Dave Kellog
Lander, Wyoming


A Testimonial from Bob & Linda Freeman – The Freemans built two Sing Homes, a 24′ x 24′ cabin w/ garage, and a 2000 s.f. prow front home. They write:

“We built the garage/bonus room last year because our home in Bellingham was still for sale. We wanted to see if Sing Logs was what we really wanted. It turned out better than we thought it would. They are easy for people who know nothing about construction work. They look great and the logs are very strong…stronger than conventional post and beam. How do we know? We are now building the house attached to the garage and I had to cut the door opening. It was really difficult to knock the door out, even after it was cut with a chain saw! The logs also make the interior quiet, and through the winter, it was toasty warm with just a propane stove.”Bob and Linda Freeman
Mazama, Washington


Chuck Dudley – Pioneer Home Services – I was introduced to the Sing Home concept about 5 years ago and have since built 4 of them, with 2 more coming up.

I was introduced to the Sing Home concept about 5 years ago and have since built 4 of them, with 2 more coming up in the Spring. After having built with their product, I do not want to build again using conventional framing. There simply is no comparison in quality, stability and strength, longevity, energy efficiency, or beauty. The cost is comparable to a custom stick-built home, but with so many more advantages. There is also a financial advantage with a Sing Home. As soon as the home is completed it can easily be worth more than a third more than it cost to build. Can I recommend a Sing home? Absolutely I can! I stake my reputation of 35 years in construction on the Sing Home product. Chuck Dudley
Pioneer Home Services

FAQ Question and Answer

General FAQ


Please feel free to shoot us an e-mail (contact us). If your question is not answered by our website or this FAQ page, we would be happy to further assist you!

How Do I Order Sing Honeycomb Panels?
Submit a Work Order by fax or email, and we will give you a quote within 24 hours. Our price is based on the quantity, length, width, thickness, and type of skin (choice of plywood, MDF, solid wood, aluminum, fiber glass, stainless steel, hardy planks, etc.). Your Sing Sandwich Panels have the Sing Honeycomb core sandwiched between two skins, enclosed with solid wood edging. All Sing panels are sold by price per square foot, so if you need strength, light weight and true flatness, Sing Sandwich Honeycomb Panels are the answer!

We make cut to size panels, posts and beams to build the smallest shelf to the largest door or you can even build an entire house (Click here to see an entire Sing Home build with Sing Honeycomb from foundation to roof within 3 days for the California home show in San Jose). All products can be ordered through our simple work order form. This includes panels for girdles, joisst, floors, walls, roof trusses, roofs, doors, window frames, kitchen cabinets, and countertops. Even our 100% collapsible dressers made of modular Sing honeycomb panels, posts and beams can be ordered by describing the length, width, and thickness you want to build your projects.


What Are Sing Honeycomb Panels?
In the aircraft industry, they call it honeycomb. In the woodworking industry, it is called torsion box. In the home industry, it is known as sandwich panel. No matter what you call it, Sing Honeycomb Panels have the strongest, most lightweight earth friendly Sing Core to structure your Sing Panels. Sing Panel has more applications than any known material: use it for home construction, boat building, private jet furniture, home furniture, museum and trade show display, and doors. Patented Sing Panels are a hybrid of torsion box, sandwich, and honeycomb panel. It has the flatness of a torsion box, the strength of a honeycomb panel, and the light weight of a sandwich panel. Sing Panel combines all of these characteristics to form the most earth friendly panel in the industry.


What is the difference between your Sing Core, your Sing Core Panel & your Sing Honeycomb Panel?
A: See picture explanations below.


How can I build with my Sing Core and Sing Core Panels?
A: The different options of our Sing Core and Sing Core Panels allows you to decide how you want to work with our technologically
advanced core material.  You can choose how much or little work you want to apply to the core*.  (*when applying skins you will need to use a cold-press method)
Purchase just the core, you would then apply the skins on both sides and solid wood edging* (*place edging before apply top skin) or
Purchase core with skins* (*birch or luan) and apply the edge-banding or yourself or hire someone to do it or
Purchase the core as an all in one component* (core, skins (birch or luan) & solid wood edging)and receive your panels complete, just paint/seal and finish as you desire and install

sing core

Sing Core

Honeycomb Core which is based on Torsion Box technology to be lightweight but strong. You would then add skins and edging as you desire.

Sing Core Panel

Sing Core Panel

Sing Core that has a skin on the front/back of it, which improves its strength and gives you a working palette for your project. You would then edge band as desired.

sing honeycomb panel

Sing Honeycomb Panel

is the complete panel
for your use, with core, skins and solid wood edging this is ready to then be completed and installed by you
for your project.

How much do your Sing cores, Sing panels and Sing honeycomb panels cost? (Price Sheet)
Please email us your questions and we will respond within 1 business day.
I am a homeowner and I would like to use your product for my up coming project at home, how to I buy your products?
Dear Homeowner/DIY’er, unfortunately we do not sell to individuals, only to the building trades and commercial/wholesale companies.  Please contact your local lumber yard and request that they order your panels for you and we will work with them to get you a great price.

Exactly how strong are your panels?
The strength of our panels depends on factors like span, thickness, and skin type. Our panels have reached up to 660 PSI.

What types of material can I laminate to honeycomb?
Any substrate (skin) that is capable of carrying a load.
How large a building do you need to start a Sing Products factory? 20-40,000 sq. ft.

What are the fire retardant qualities of our product?

Foam: level 2, Panel: untested

How well insulated are Sing Panels?

The R-Value of Sing Panels can be up to 6.5. Sing Honeycomb logs are up to R-35.
How do you ship?
LTL Freight Company – common carrier
Arrange for pickup by your preferred carrier
Customer pick up from our facility here in McCleary, Washington

What is your lead time?
Usually three to four weeks, but this has been know to extend out to five or more weeks on occasion.  For our regular contract   customers, we block out production time for them and for others we will “work with them” as our production schedule allows.

To whom do you sell doors?
We sell doors directly to businesses.
How do I seal the interlock?
It can be sealed with conventional caulking or waterproofing.
What is a torsion box?
A torsion box is best explained by this article.
( )
What is a “board foot”?
12″ x 12″ x 1″ = 1 Board Foot
12″ x 12″ x ½” = ½ Board Foot
12″ x 12″ x 2″ = 2 Board Foot
Can I get sizes besides 4’ x 8’?
Yes, sizes smaller and larger are available, but you need to email us your custom sizes W x H x T and we will work with you to get a quote together.
We can manufacture panels up to 5’ x 10’.  However, the most commonly ordered and most economical is our size 4’ x 8’* (*finished size is 47” x 95”)  and that is because we’re usually limited by the size of the skins available and whether you can smooth out the seams between skins for larger sizes.  Sizes are also limited by shipping company restrictions.

How much pressure to I use to apply skins myself?
Enough for intimate contact with our honeycomb core with or without solid wood edging but too much pressure can cause damage to the core.
Do you have distributors?
No, at this time everything is sold directly by us from our manufacturing location in McCleary, Washington.
What do you keep in stock?
All of our Sing Cores, Sing Core Panels, & Sing Honeycomb Panels are made to order for each of our customers.
What is the weight of your panels?
The weight of our panels are based on many factors, W x H x T, the types and thickness of the skins chosen and of course the solid wood edging as well.  But for a rough ballpark estimate the weight of one of our standard panels 4’ x 8’ x 1” (finished size = 47” x 95” x1”) is somewhere in the 25 to 30 lbs range, which is much lighter than standard plywood of the same size/thickness.
What does paint grade not paint ready mean?
We deliver your panels as paint grade as opposed to paint ready, due to several instances where our definition of paint ready did NOT meet our customer’s definition of paint ready.  Because of these issues, we now leave it up to the customer to get their panels to their preferred finished state.
What are the days and hours you are open?
We are generally in the office between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Monday –Friday (Pacific Time) except for federal holidays.
Lunch is between 12 – 12:30 pm.

Isn’t Lauan difficult to work with?
Our Lauan is in the form of veneer, so the natural fragility of the wood isn’t a factor.
How do you fasten panels?
Fasten your panels with dowel, bolts, biscuit, camlock (rotorlock), or edge to edge glue. Visit our Fastening Page for details.
How fast can you produce panels? We can produce hundreds of panels each day.
Where do you distribute?
We currently serve the United States and Canada.
What kind of wood do you use for solid wood edging?
We use soft wood because it’s easy to control the moisture content and to fasten. Soft wood also weighs less than solid hardwood.

What if you use a basic interior door as an exterior door?
It’ll bend because moisture will get inside the door and press outward on the skin. We don’t guarantee for weather exposure because we don’t control how you treat the surface. If treated properly with urethane, your doors can withstand the weather.




Standard Price Chart & Ordering

View our standard pricing chart and use our easy work order form to make ordering easy!

metric conversion pricing workorder

Panel Tech Info

Handy Sing core & Panel Technical Information

Engineer Report
Leeds Info
Honeycomb Lab Test
Letter Of Recommendation
Sound Transmission
UL surface Burning
Panel Weight Calculator



Here at Sing Square Log Homes, Inc. We have you covered, and we stand by our product quality 100%. All of our products carry a 10 year structural warranty.


Industrial Components

Links to companies that supply you with finishing hardware for your projects.

door hardware trade show panel

Product Assembly & Support

Useful pages and videos on assembly of your Sing products as well as support.

product support support videos

Product Assembly & Support

trade show museum panels general faqdoorslog homestiny house


How to Build

Sing Tiny House: How to build a Tiny House completely with Insulated Sing Honeycomb Panels  

Step Step 1

Lie Sing Honeycomb panels on top of a treated timber foundation frame and fasten with screws.

Step 2

Connect floor and wall panels together using glue and screws.

Step 3

Remove bits of honeycomb core to implant solid wood for stronger fastening.

Step 4

Connected wall and roof by implanting solid wood for roof to fasten lightweight panel walls and lightweight roof panel.

Step 5

Sing Honeycomb roof substrate panels come highly insulated straight out of the factory.

Step 6

After the roof, your Sing Tiny House is ready to paint and install windows and doors.

Visit our how to build videos on youtube


How to build a Tiny House – By Little House on the Trailer



Visit the Gallery to view more pictures!

Below Left: If you look closely, you’ll see that this Sing Tiny House is sitting on a furniture dolly.

Above Right: Sing Honeycomb panel has minimal deflection under heavy weight.

Learn more about the strength, and "Green Aspects" of Sing Honeycomb panels click here

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